From Expulsion to Native Genocide

"One can’t think of Columbus’ voyage without locating its genesis in what is termed the European age of discovery on the one hand and the move to expel Muslims and Jews from Spain..."
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Why I Look Forward to RIS

"[RIS has] created, from scratch, without the aid of any Muslim country or major political party or organization, a powerful institution that serves as a testimony to the beauty of our religion at a time when there is so much making to appear ugly."
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Inside Zaytuna College

Learn About Our Faculty

The core strength of Zaytuna College’s faculty is a remarkable academic diversity that spans not only disciplines but also educational approaches. It is comprised of men and women, primarily Muslims but also individuals of other faith traditions, educated in the Muslim world and in modern settings at Western institutions.

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The Zaytuna Curriculum

Zaytuna's unique curriculum emphasizes key foundational texts; an in-depth examination of critical methodological issues; a command of the Arabic language; a familiarity with the most important Islamic sciences; and grounding in law, history, philosophy, science, astronomy, literature, ethics, and politics.

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Support Zaytuna College

This year we need to hire more faculty, prepare our buildings for housing and classroom space, expand student life and services, and help meet the requirements for accreditation. We also need to invest in our operational infrastructure, including marketing, IT, and development

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